#FoodFriday: Breakfast Business

This weekend, the riders will have breakfast together before heading to this weekend’s races. Team LottoNL-Jumbo’s nutrition specialist Marcel Hesseling decides what the riders eat and has made an extensive list of all the products that can be used, and their exact nutritional values. Before each race, a soigneur is chosen who is responsible for breakfast. Based on Marcel Hesseling’s advice, he fills the breakfast box.

Half an hour before the first riders goes towards the breakfast table, the soigneurs set up everything. All products recommended by Marcel Hesseling are placed on the table. When the riders are seated, the soigneurs communicate whether an omelet, rice, pancakes or pasta should be made, and if this should include ham or not. Maarten Tjallingii doesn’t eat meat, so he will always receive his omelets without ham. When team chef Jesper Boom is present for a race, he prepares the omelets, oatmeal and pancakes. He knows all the riders’ wishes and needs. When Jesper isn’t present, breakfast is arranged with the hotel’s kitchen. The responsible soigneur of the day, communicates with the kitchen, checks whether the riders have everything they want and need during breakfast and makes sure products are replaced when, for example, a jar is empty. 

So what’s on the breakfast table?
While loading up the truck before each race, the team makes sure that all the necessary products are delivered by the Jumbo. The following products can be found on the breakfast table: Peanut butter, pure chocolate sprinkles, hazelnut spread, almond spread, nuts, three types of breakfast cereals (granola, muesli and oatmeal), apple butter, honey, ‘ontbijtkoek’ (a Dutch spiced cake), omelets, pancakes, rice, pasta and olive oil. 

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